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Notes on Episode 32: David Cain

Raptitude.com has been a lifeline for me when I have had trouble making sense of circumstances, whether personal or professional.   Having the opportunity to interview David Cain, the author behind Raptitude, was really eye opening.  One of the big takeaways from Episode 32 is (at least for me) is that behind every creative work – whether it’s a novel, play, screenplay, or a blog – there is a LOT of hard work that has to happen.  Music doesn’t write itself.  Neither do books, or blogs.  You create a plan, then you have to do the work.  All of it.  Then get up the next day and go again.  And again.

David started the blog in 2009 and worked it very steadily to build the audience.  Eventually, his readers began spreading the word for him, but it takes a tremendous amount of grit to get any project like that off the ground and get noticed.   He amassed enough traffic to the blog – by his account between 150,000 and 200,000 unique visitors per month – that he felt confident that he could convert the blog into a business.  Obviously he was right, because very quickly he was a full time professional writer.

I know there are a lot of you out there sitting in an office that you don’t want to sit in.  If you want to plot your own course towards a career in the arts, I can help.  Email me for coaching sessions.  Let’s get started.

Stay tuned.  Stay creative.

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