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Episode 35: Jason Harper, Auto Journalist, Writer, TV Producer

Jason Harper has the job every eight-year-old dreams of: He travels around the world driving fast cars. A writer, journalist, producer and TV personality, he focuses on the intersection between automobiles and lifestyle. He’s hosted a show for The Travel Channel, and written about cars for publications ranging from Bloomberg News to Time Magazine, Automobile Magazine and the Verge.com. He is currently a contributing editor at Road & Track magazine.

One of Harper’s most iconic pieces centered on his relationship with his father, and their relationship to their pickup trucks.

As the industry changes, he has also founded a film and video company, Driving Pants Productions, devoted to bring storytelling about cars to the moving image. Harper brings a very specific eye and attitude to car films and videos, mixing lifestyle and travel with a sense of fun and panache. His goal is to make it as fun for the viewer as it is to do the driving.

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