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Episode 38: The Risk and When to Take It

Today we talk about risk.

New Years is always a time for reflection and setting goals, whether you want to change aspects of your personal life or your professional life.

Sometimes the pathway to get to where you want to go isn’t easy. Actually, often it is not easy.  The path can be a treacherous one with risks at every turn.

No matter how many times you visualize accomplishing your goals, you will never anticipate all the risks and possible pitfalls that you will encounter along the way.

If you have found an idea that you can’t give up, an idea that consumes your thoughts when you should be focused on other things, then you are onto something worth pursuing.  Sometimes you have an idea.  Sometimes the idea has you, and that is the beginning of a journey.

If you have always wanted to be a filmmaker, if you’ve always wanted to be a novelist or work in the music industry, now is the time.

If you have just found the podcast recently, go back and listen to last year’s episodes. There are many lessons in there from artists and also from CEOs about how they made the leap from where they were to where they are now.

There are two examples from last year’s episodes in particular that I want you to consider.  The first excerpt is from Episode 2 featuring MacArthur Fellow and composer Steve Coleman, describing his decision to leave his hometown of Chicago to hitchhike to New York City and perform on the street to make it happen.

The second excerpt is from Episode 20 featuring Scott Tixier, a French born, critically acclaimed jazz violinist who he left his native France to come to New York to be a professional musician.

Scott Tixier comes to the United States not knowing how to speak English with $900 to his name to become a professional musician. Scott puts everything on the line to make his dream a reality.

So the question for you today is this: What are you prepared to do to begin your journey? Will you risk it all?

Only you know the answer.

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The podcast returns next week with an interview with Jesse Rosen, President and CEO of the League of American Orchestras. We talk about the evolution of culture, among many, many other things.

Until next time, keep building the future, it’s closer than you think.

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