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Episode 46: Life On the High Wire

Imagine you are on a high wire hundreds of feet in the air without a net. You’ve never felt more free or more empowered.

The air is different. The breeze feels different. Everything you have experienced everyday takes on a slightly different edge.

Below you there is nothing but the air and the wire.

The first step is tentative, maybe shaky. You have your eyes up and you move your other foot around and start to move across the wire.

What is keeping you balanced on the high wire is your focus and determination to stay balanced and move towards the end of the wire.

Each step you take becomes more and more confident.

Below you is a crowd of people watching you move, methodically and steadily towards your goal of reaching the other side. They wish they were up there in your place but mostly they are thinking of the reasons why they can’t.

Starting up a business or creative project can be a lot like walking a high wire without a net. You’ve come up with what you think is a great idea for the product or service.

You may understand it, because it lives in your head, and others may not. This is particularly true if your idea disrupts an existing industry or market segment.

As a result, others may try to put up obstacles in your way to stop you. Those people will tell you “That idea will never work”, “Why are you trying to do that?” and a host of other inane commentary.

You can’t be concerned with that and with those people. Ignore the naysayers.

They haven’t seen your vision as you see it – yet – and as a result they truly don’t understand what you are trying to do. All you should do is move forward. Be confident in your isolation. The disrupters of any industry tend to approach existing problems and customer needs from a completely different angle than everyone else.

Obstacles will be part of the process. They always are and always will be. What you need to do to realize your vision is to overcome the obstacles and keep moving forward. Always keep moving forward.

Quitting is easy. Whether your new venture is a startup company or something else, when things get difficult, the idea of quitting becomes seductive. Trouble can happen at any moment from a variety of sources: family drama, competitors in the marketplace, entanglements with local government red tape, and the list goes on and on. Fight through all of that.

After you have put all of that behind you, keep moving forward, with your eyes on your objective. Don’t look down, because your objective is ahead of you, not down on the ground with the crowd.

When you are on the wire up in the air, you control your own destiny. There is no better place to be. Embrace it. And keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other.

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