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Episode 48: William Childs, Marking Professional and Weekly Columnist

Mediocrity is not Bill Childs’ friend. He refuses to be pals with “good enough.” Will never be besties with “just O.K.” And “phoning it in” is not part of his #squadlife. As a marketer and a creative, Bill believes in pushing projects as far as they can go – then pushing it a little more. He’s also someone who believes that good is the enemy of great.

He is currently the Director of Marketing and Communications at Trifecta Technologies, where he’s responsible for leading the marketing team as they develop, coordinate, and implement marketing strategies and content for the Trifecta brand.

Childs spent 2 years as an Art Director for Adams Outdoor Advertising and 10 years previously as a graphic designer at The Morning Call. His entire 32-year career has been focused on creative design and strategic messaging for a multitude of clients that include Coca-Cola, Coors-Light, Cars.com, Coachmen, Miller-Lite, Yuengling and Takamine Guitars to name a few.

Childs lectures on creativity, marketing and design at colleges and universities throughout Pennsylvania and the region.

He currently resides in Allentown with his wife and three children.

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